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Manufacturer and Supplier of Specialty Chemicals

Hempstead Halide® is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemical products, including finished compounds, fine chemicals and intermediaries, and equipment for the life sciences, robotics and aeronautics industries. We manufacture a range of microscope slide mounting mediums, clearing agents, washes, dyes, fixatives, desiccants, immersion oils, and sealants for entomology, zoology, botany, histology, oncology, medical testing, public health, and optical microscopy. We also supply a range of fine chemicals and intermediaries with multiple applications in the life sciences, agriculture, healthcare, and related industries. At Hempstead Halide®, we understand the extreme importance of maintaining participant safety and result authenticity that must be met every time without compromise.

Hempstead Halide, Inc is registered for the U.S. federal government's System for Award Management (SAM). We are an approved supplier/vendor for multiple universities and listed with Dun & Bradstreet.

We manufacture a range of unique laboratory equipment, marketed under our CAVENDISH® brand, including precision sectioning slicers, laboratory-scale gas generators, mixing machines, filtration machines, overhead stirrers, powder crushers, conveyors and driers. Our ROBODYNE® division supplies purpose built actuators, solenoids, motors, pumps, sensors, circuit boards, grippers and optics for industrial robotics. Our energetic materials division develops propellants, chemical binders, and burn-rate modifiers.

Hempstead Halide® professionals have been creating and manufacturing precision products for over 14 years. We are based in Galveston, Texas, with production facilities in the US and Europe.


Testing Supplies and Microscopy

From lab machines to ringing sealants, our laboratory supply company has everything you need to build successful, clear, permanent mounts. We make it possible for you to conduct your laboratory tests using the proper tools and to preserve your microscopy specimens with the right chemicals. We provide these and other apparati to customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Everything is packed in lab-size proportions for safety and convenience, and we supply institutions of all types and sizes. We supply hospitals, testing centers, universities, and governmental agencies in the US and abroad to carry on their research, testing, documentation, preservation and more. Your scientific success is as important to us as it is to you.

Our experts provide some of the best specialty products for every need and have assisted professionals in a variety of different roles. Our science-based business is proud to develop unique product in response to our customers from all over the world. Some of the working professionals we have assisted include:

  • Agriculture Specialist
  • Chromoson researchers
  • Consumer safety departments
  • Entomologists
  • Histologists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Medical Department Managers
  • Oncologists
  • Public Health Specialists
  • Purchasing Agents for Government Agencies
  • Zoologists

Purchase the right specialty chemicals & precision tools
for your research facility from our company.

Your Life Science Work Deserves Top-Quality Equipment

Every chemical in an experiment must be handled carefully, and test tubes have the task of safely containing all sorts of substances, not all of which are safe.  You wouldn’t want to entrust these important supply needs to inexperienced hands. Our company has been developing these products for many years and understands the durability that’s required. Proper scientific research makes progress possible, and that can only happen with top-of-the-line supplies. Investing in our products will pay off for years to come. We believe your research should be conducted using the best equipment.

Offering Reliable and Time-Tested Mounting Mediums

Our stock of microscopy supplies includes both Hoyer’s and Euparal mounting mediums with which you can create permanent mounts of everything from insects and botanical samples to chromosome squashes.  We provide these unique solutions in laboratory-scale quantities.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

SAM registration: 085826418/88YD1

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