Premium Laboratory Equipment in Galveston, TX

If your life-sciences operation needs specialty chemicals and equipment, Hempstead Halide, Inc. has you covered. We are the premier provider of laboratory equipment in Galveston, TX. When used by institutions in the life sciences, our products help you complete your research, development, documentation, and testing. Our company's range of products is ideal for use for microscopy applications in hospital laboratories and testing centers along with biology, zoology, and entomology departments at universities.

Microscope-Slide Preparation Supplies

Find everything from our proprietary clearing agents SUBERCLEAR®, ZOOCLEAR, and DELICLEAR™ to KRYSTALIS® plasticized lacquer sealant at our company. We manufacture and market an assortment of mounting mediums, such as Euparal and Hoyer's medium, to support your research, documentation, and testing projects. Our CAVENDISH® line of laboritory equipment includes lab-scale gas generators, magnetic heater/stirrers, light meters, mixing machines, precision dispensers, and dedicated reaction set-ups.

Regarding niche chemicals, we package our products in laboratory-sized quantities as appropriate to laboratory uses. Our professionals are focused on ways to minimize the complications, waste, and expense involved in carrying out laboratory processes. As a result, we market laboratory-size portions directly to end-users as well as to institutions.

Hoyer's and Euparal Microscope-Slide Mounting Mediums

Use our mounting mediums to make premanent mounts of tissue samples, insects, chromosone squashes and more. Available in laboratory-scale quantities, our Hoyer's and Euparal mounting mediums do not contain organic solvents or known carcinogens. The use of our products is low risk in the laboritory environment. Both Hoyer's medium and Eurapal have indices of refraction approaching 1.5, do not yellow over-time and do not crystalize on drying when used at full strength.

Diverse Lab Essentials

Our product selection goes beyond items specifically designed for use in microscopy. We provide lab supplies that can be used in government, environmental, institutional, and pharmaceutical applications. From chemicals and dyes to stirrers and dispensers, we provide you with tools that ensure the work you do is efficient and precise.

You already know that the work you do can benefit the health and safety of people. With the use of our products, you have the assurance that the testing you perform is of the utmost quality. Preciseness is vital to the work you do, and the equipment you purchase from us allows you to take measurements that are accurate to the smallest percentage of a gram. We look forward to helping you enhance your lab.

Contact us for laboratory equipment and supplies that allow you to do thorough testing. We proudly serve Galveston, TX, and surrounding areas.

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